Orbix Hot Glass

Orbix Hot Glass: Firing up magic on the mountain

April 27th, 2016 Posted by Makers 0 comments on “Orbix Hot Glass: Firing up magic on the mountain”

By Emily Esleck

“Off Blue Pond Road in Fort Payne, Alabama, County Road 47 twists and turns its way up a hillside to a gravel road. Turn left, and there’s a sign. “Open,” it reads. A separate sign attached to a wooden fence lets you know you have arrived at Orbix Hot Glass.

Tires slow and brakes screech to a stop at the front of a log building. A set of rocking chairs beside a table with a black and white checkerboard mat and red checkers greet the customer.

This studio creates an escape for Cal Breed, glassblower, dad and owner. Growing up, Breed always liked building, experimenting and researching different things — his “science side” he likes to call it.”

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